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2011-10-15 22:51:56 by AgeofEnlightenment

Plz Note that the band is now Runs With Wolves.


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2011-10-15 23:04:28

I like your songs, cool band name. :-)

AgeofEnlightenment responds:

congratulations, you are first random person to comment on band, you win!!!!! you w win a....,,, *looks around for a second* uh,, AN ADDRESS !!! . thats my main update site. but thanks for enjoying! lol


2011-10-18 23:06:27

Cool then. :-)

Feel free to PM me any time you want a review. :P

AgeofEnlightenment responds:

ill be sure to PM you when my first EP gets done, itll be adding vocals on my album Awaken The Unknown, and i got a label that is going to sell them for me lol how cool is thata! lol